You have talent

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You have talent

Postby Aegis » Sun Apr 17, 2016 11:41 pm

Currently, we are a small newly founded startup software development company. Our aim is to make not just games, or good games, but games that are GREAT! Games that will hopefully reinvent how we define a genre or two :lol:

If you have :
any sense of art with artistic talent,
any capacity for words with literary talent,
if you are an established gamer with a mind for gaming,
or have real ideas that you wish you could see realized in a game,

this gives you a unique opportunity.

We are not a large corporation with rigid policies, were a small group of people who love gaming.
We are Gamers like you. who just got tired of all the fail and disappointment that was associated with nearly every game we played.
We need help at every corner with every element, and were not dumb enough to think we dont.

So speak up, cause we are listening.

Dont just think you have talent or an idea, live it.

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